Hebron Christian Faith Church

Hebron is planning a trip to Israel in April 2024. This will be our 5th tour where we take a group of people to experience the land of Israel first-hand and show our support for the nation and the Jewish people.

The Trip Of A Lifetime

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and see the bible come alive. Visit places of powerful biblical significance that will bring new meaning to your walk with the Lord. Experience a new depth to Scripture as we enjoy worship, devotions and teaching pertaining to each of the sites we visit. Your faith will be illuminated as you discover the world in which Yeshua lived and experience Israel through

Jewish eyes. Truly Israel is the land of God, the land of signs and wonders. The Bible calls Israel a pleasant land, for there is no land like it anywhere in the world. A love for Israel will be awakened in you in a deeply significant way. We do hope you will join us and share in this wonderful opportunity as we show our support for Israel.

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