Hebron Christian Faith Church


Nothing we can envisage will be impossible; that is the power of spiritual vision. When a group of people embrace the same vision in unity, their corporate faith will bring it to pass. Even when it seems to ’tarry’, vision will motivate & keep us going. The Vision:

  • To establish a church that magnifies the Lordship of Jesus Christ, where the Holy Spirit is obeyed & the Bible is the final rule & authority for faith and practice.
  • To establish a church that revives & equips its members to walk out their lives victoriously. A church that, through the power of God’s word and the anointing of His Holy Spirit, equips both adults and children to become effective members of the the Body of Christ
  • To establish a church that brings hope and encouragement to all, and is committed to active social & civil involvement, meeting the needs of all sections of the community and touching lives with God’s love, compassion & understanding.

To achieve our ultimate goal of reaching the unsaved, our primary focus is discipleship - edifying and equipping the saints and building mature disciples not simply converts. If God’s word is not working effectively in our lives why should others receive our witness? We need to demonstrate effective and victorious Christian living. To do that, we must first have revelation of God’s word on how to live ‘in Christ’ but also, we must then be doers of that word, since it is only the 'doers' who are blessed!


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