Hebron Christian Faith Church


Someone has said that the poorest man in the world is not one without money but the one without a vision for his life. He resembles a great ship made for a mighty ocean, yet trying to navigate a pond. He has no far port to reach and no precious cargo to carry. His hours are absorbed in routine pettiness. What a tragic waste!

Proverbs 29:18 describes a similar scenario; when God’s people have no vision, they have no victory! Vision is imperative to successful Christian living and we at Hebron believe that God has a special plan and specific vision for each individual. Each member must discover God’s purpose for their lives within His bigger vision for the local church. Hebron Christian Faith Church is a church driven by God-given vision and purpose. The finer details of the overall, long-term vision are presented below whilst the specific focus for this year is detailed in the Vision 2015 link above. Everyone is significant and plays an important role in accomplishing God’s vision.


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